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Luton Library Theatre is a traditional proscenium arch theatre with the capacity to seat up to 238 people. Located on the third floor of Luton Central Library, Luton Culture hosts a hugely varied programme at the Library Theatre, including touring professional shows, amateur dramatics and music concerts, offering the opportunity to tick off a range of cultural challenges.

Tickets for events in our exciting programme can be purchased on our website.

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Fee Structure:

Where an immediate schools price is not offered, we offer a 10% saving on every 10 (or more) tickets purchased.


Available upon request.

Staff Training:

Although we do not offer staff training, we believe that the arts are the building blocks to healthy, happy communities and therefore offer workshops for children, often delivered by the cast of the show that the workshop relates to. These workshops give children and opportunity to properly engage with the key themes and ideas in the shows, ultimately leading to a better understanding of the ideas surrounding it.

Other Information:

Accessibility - Completely accessible

Parking - Paid parking in Bute Street Car Park

Public Liability Insurance - Held

Safeguarding: Valid DBS Check

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Luton Culture
Luton Library Theatre, Luton Central Library, St. George's Square Luton, LU1 2NG
01582 878100